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This season of the year is a great time of thanksgiving and celebration.  It is also a time when we find many folks in need.  

Yesterday, we were asked to supply food and hygiene bags for the inmates at DeBerry Prison.  We will be involved in a similar Christmas project at Riverbend Prison as well.  In addition, there are a number of men who have been, or will soon be released, who have immediate needs which we want to help.  We have a problem, however, because our funds are depleted.

In addition to the Harvest Prison needs, my "away ministry," Nation 2 Nation, also has an immediate need.  A graduate of Baldaeus Theological College in Trincolamee, Sri Lanka, Anton Vinnu lost his sole means of transportation when someone ran into his motorbike and destroyed it. (He is okay.) Anton is pastor in a church and also teaching at BTC but his only income is a stipend from the school.

I met him ten years ago when he was in hiding for his life during the recent civil war. Baldaeus provided the sanctuary for him and he later was enrolled as a student and graduated.  Now he is teaching there. The school is about 10 miles from his home and there is no bus access for the last three miles.


If you would like to help support either of these tax free ministries, please send your check to Harvest Prison Ministry OR Nation 2 Nation at 84 South Greenhill Road, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122.  You can also donate to the ministry by using PayPal through this website.

Thank you and may your Christmas season be a blessed one.
Richard Jennings

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